April Review, May Goals

April was a big month for me. Nothing really happened.

This may seem oxymoronic but hear me out: April was the month where I realized that I’m in a huge rut, just going through the motions of life, setting goals but not achieving them etc. One thing I did accomplish was a lot of reading and two of the books I read really stuck with me. The first, The Goldfinch (highly recommend reading this one), taught me that there’s no right or wrong way to live life as long as you are happy with how you’re living it. The second book, Land of Lost Boarders, changed my perspective on daily life. In the end, April was a month of personal growth for me.

Moving into May I am focussed on getting out of this rut. However, instead of focusing on goals, I want to focus on changes. I don’t have a deadline to achieve the things I want to achieve, primarily because they are part of a lifelong journey (being mentally and physically healthy). For me, I find when I focus on a goal it’s this sort of hypothetical “I’ll get to it someday” construct that is just out of reach. As a result, achieving my goals seem to have always been on the other side of reality. This is why I want to focus on change. It seems more tangible and it focuses on what I’m doing daily, not on what I want eventually.

There are a lot of things I want to change. Right now I think the most important aspect of my lifestyle that needs to change is what I do in my down time. Right now work has slowed down for me a bit, so I have a bit more down time that I’d normally have. On weekends I love to just be a potato and binge Netflix or game (yes, I do play computer games). While those activities can be amusing, I don’t really get anything out of them. They’re just mindless ways to pass the time and that’s not really what I want my life to consist of.

For the month of May I am going to give up Netflix, PriveVideo, and gaming. I also intend to reduce my social media use. Currently, according to my iPhone Screen Time app, my social media use is (please don’t judge) 13hrs per week. Thank goodness for this app because I had no idea just how much time I was spending on social media! For the next 31 days I am going to reduce that to 30mins a day (3.5hrs/week). I’m not going to count text messaging in this because the majority of my messaging is for work. So, instead of killing my brain cells in front of a screen for the next month, I am going to spend my extra time reading, going for walks, spending time with my partner, and even taking up some art.

Change is a catalyst. For what? I don’t exactly know yet. This is a sort of experiment for me. I am going to change something about my daily routine and see what happens. I don’t have any serious expectations, so even if nothing happens, at the very least I will have enjoyed some lovely walks down by the ocean. I look forward to doing my update in a month to see what this change has brought!

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