Change of Direction

I’ve been pretty flaky with blogging lately. I keep thinking of good blog ideas but then I sit down to start writing them and they just don’t go anywhere. Part of the reason for this is that they are rather technical and, while I do enjoy doing the research for it, I’m not a nutritionist or sport scientist. Hell, my biology career ended after my first year in university. I finished uni with a computer science degree and, whenever I’m writing about why a diet is #nutribullocks, I feel like a fraud. Sure, I can cite my sources and provide links to the articles I read, but the thing is that for every article out there claiming something to be fact, there’s another discounting it and I just don’t know enough to share why I agree with one study but not the other.

So, I got to thinking: I want to keep blogging, but I can’t keep blogging about these technical things because I have no formal training to back up my claims. But, what I can write about is my own experience. I’ve been all over the place on my health and fitness journey. I’ve learned what does and doesn’t work for me and what I learned on my journey thus far. The best part is that I’m a regular person, sharing my journey with other regular people. I’m not some celebrity who’s got a personal trainer, a nutritionist, a personal chef, and a plastic surgeon in their back pocket to help them achieve their aesthetic.

Moving forward my blog is going to be more about my lifestyle, my goals and how I achieve them, and the ups and downs that come with all of that. I do still plan to keep some of my old content, however I will take down a lot of things. As of right now, my goals is to do one post a week, published every Friday (I’ve already started my post for this Friday!).

Thank you to those of you who have subscribed to my blog and have kept up with my flaky posts over the years! ❤

One thought on “Change of Direction

  1. Hi there! It is really great to see that you realised your goals and how you want the future of your blog to be. I think it’s really important to share your personal experiences in life and I love to see posts about these things. Keep it up!

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