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Well… It’s been four months now since I last did a blog post. A lot has happened in the last four months: I moved to a new city, started a business, and made some serious relationship decisions. The last four months also made me re-evaluate my relationship with health and fitness. When I first moved, I didn’t have time to blog or be involved with the fitspo/fitblr community but, once I was settled, I realized I needed to take a break from it. Uprooting from my hometown to start a business in a new city also meant uprooting my entire lifestyle and completely ditching my comfort zone. It also meant my entire routine was out the window and my regular workouts and healthy eating were soon to follow. What this made me realize was that my lifestyle was just a habit and didn’t have a strong foundation. For me this meant I needed to take some time to really think things through and start building that strong foundation.

Turns out building a strong foundation is easier said than done and has been something that I’ve been figuring out for the last four months. Part of the reason it took me so long to figure it out is that I’m lazy and I realized that I would need to do things that weren’t easy. However, it eventually got to the point where I also realized that my life was in stasis; time was going forward and I was just watching it go by. This was my quiet but significant wakeup call. I have goals, I have ambition, there are things I want to do and achieve and I won’t be able to do that unless I actually do something to achieve them. I am not okay with letting my life happen, I want to be present and I want to live it.

Once I realized this, it was time to start making some changes. To start I had to decide what it was that I valued most. At first this starts pretty easy with things like: family, my relationship, my health, being happy, etc. That’s all fine and dandy, but then you have to figure out exactly what those values mean to you and in what way you value them. When it comes to family and my relationship, I already had things figured out as I found those a bit easier. I like to call those values external because they are between my and another person/people. Obviously they still require work and nothing worth having comes easy, but I have been actively working on my relationship since it began and I have always worked on having a good relationship with my family as well. For me, the difficult part was figuring out what being healthy means to me and what I need to do to be happy.

Going forward I want to continue to blog. Part of it is to keep myself accountable and to keep my values aligned, but part of it is to share information. After being part of the fitblr/fitspo community for six years I’ve realized there isn’t a lot of authenticity or honesty. From what I’ve observed in the community is that there is too much focus on perfection and people don’t acknowledge their failures until they have succeeded. Going forward I want to share more about my own personal experiences, not that I think there is a “right way” to live but to share a perspective. I am also passionate about living healthy and educating people about things such as nutrition and mental wellbeing, so I plan to do posts on those as well. This blog is not about weight loss or achieving a certain “body ideal”. This blog is about building a healthy, happy, and balanced lifestyle.




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