Ten Reasons Why Eating Healthy Is Important

Most of us know that we should eat healthy. However, when you sit down and think about it, do you really know why you should eat healthy? A lot of people feel the need to eat healthy for weight management. But, there are tons of other (and better) reasons to eat healthy!

  1. Improved Mood: Studies have shown that eating healthy food improves you mood. However, it isn’t just as simple as eating a bowl of fruit when you are feeling down. Doing this will help with mood, however, to really notice the full benefits of eating healthy, it needs to be done for multiple consecutive days.
  2. Better Workouts: Have you ever worked out after eating a plate of double chocolate cookies? Well I have… 10/10 would not recommend. Eating healthy before a workout helps with endurance and gives you a good boost of energy.
  3. Improved Brain Function: Sometimes we forget that our brains require nutrients in order to function properly. As many of us know, there are little to no essential nutrients in junk food. Not only is brain function better, but there are also decreased risks of brain related illnesses such as stoke and Alzheimers.
  4. Energy: Your body uses what you put into it to fuel it. Pretend your body is a car, if you use the cheap fuel you start to get gunk building up around you engine and your car does not run as well as it should. Now, if you start using the fancy premium fuel, that gunk starts getting cleaned out and your car starts performing better.
  5. Good Night Sleep: Studies are finding that staying hydrated and eating enough antioxidants help you get a good night sleep!
  6. It Will Be Good For Your Kids: As it turns out, what you are eating now can affect your kids, even if you are years away from having kids and even if you are a guy. More and more studies on epigenetics are finding that how we live our lives can have a significant effect on our kids even before they are conceived!
  7. Long Life: By getting enough essential vitamins and minerals, you help ward off diseases and fight aging better than any “miracle pill”.
  8. It Helps With Depression: Eating healthy can actually lessen the symptoms of depression.
  9. Reduce Stress: You body isn’t working overtime to try and process all the junk which makes your internal organs happy
  10. Because It Feels Good: Eating healthy feels so much better than any amount of ice cream and donuts.


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