Staying Fit and Healthy in Uni

Since school is starting up (or has already started) for most of us, I want to talk about staying healthy when we are constantly surrounded by not so healthy options. Whether you are trying to combat the freshman 15 or on the home stretch to completing your degree, it is important to stay healthy while in school. Staying healthy may not always be the easiest, but staying healthy will give you the energy to get through those long hours of studying.

  1. Sleep. This is easily the most important aspect to staying healthy. If you have a noisy roommate who likes to stay up late and keep the lights on, get an eye mask and some ear plugs, it’s not ideal, but it will help you get your beauty sleep!
  2. Exercise. Many universities provide a gym membership for students. Take advantage of this. Schedule in workouts like you would for normal classes. Try signing up for classes or sports clubs! These are a great way to meet new people and stay active at the same time! Exercise also helps to boost your endorphins which
  3. Watch What You Drink. Whether it’s cosmos or pumpkin spice lattes, your drinks are packed with extra calories and sugar which quickly add to the waist line. Try to limit the intake of your sugary drinks to one or two a week. It will help prevent sugar crashes while studying, nasty hangovers, and the freshman 15.
  4. Get Outside! I don’t care if you live in Winnipeg and cat’s ears are freezing off (actually, yeah, maybe stay inside then). Get outside. Not only does fresh air help with anxiety, it usually means you are up and moving.
  5. Snack Smart. Eating in class can be awkward. No one wants to be that kid crunching away on some carrots in the middle of lecture. Or even worse, sit down with a bag of nuts right next to the kid with the severe nut allergy. Instead, opt for something like fresh or dried fruit, cherry tomatoes, yogurt, homemade smoothie, etc.
  6. Stay Hydrated. Feeling sleepy in the study hall? Does your brain feel like it is saturated? Try drinking some water. Usually when we feel tired and brain dead, it just means we need some water.
  7. Breakfast. Don’t skip breakfast. I don’t care how late you are for class, if you’re already late, you may as well get something nutritious to eat. Try making healthy muffins on the weekend. Stick a bunch in the freezer and then take one or two out before you go the bed so that they’ll be ready to go when you need to run to class.
  8. Manage Stress! Create a schedule and stick to it. Sure, you might not have an hour of studying to do on your first day, but you can still go to the library and get ahead on your studies. By staying ahead of schedule, you won’t have to have last minute cram sessions. It helps improve your grades and your health.


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