Staying Fit At Your Desk

For those of us who have full time office jobs, staying fit and healthy can be a real challenge. Most of us are faced with hours of commuting each day and relatively uninteresting jobs. By the end of each day, we do not have the energy or motivation to go cook dinner let alone go to the gym, and we would rather get a few extra hours of shut eye in the morning. So what can we possibly do to maintain a  healthy lifestyle while stuck at our desks?

  1. Walk as much as you can! Park further away from your office, it will be easier to find a spot and you won’t have to beat everyone else trying to get our of there. If you take transit, try walking to a further stop, or getting off earlier and walking the rest of the way.
  2. Take the stairs! Even if you office is on the 65th floor, walk up a few flights and then hop on the elevator for the rest of the way up.
  3. Get up from your desk at least once every hour. Go grab a glass of water or go use the washroom, just get some circulation going.
  4. Don’t skip breakfast. You need something to jump start your metabolism in the morning and this also gets your brain fired up!
  5. Snack Smart! At a boring desk job it can be tempting to snack on cookies or chips, but a study in Great Britain found that people were gaining 6lbs a year just from snacking at work. If you’re going to snack, do it smart. Have some veggies with humus, some whole wheat crackers with natural PB, or an apple.
  6. Sit up straight! It’s not exactly a workout, but it strengthens your core versus slouching over. If you’re feeling really ambitious, get an exercise ball to sit on instead of a desk chair. This forces you to sit up straight!

Ultimately, staying fit an healthy comes down to your lifestyle. So what can you do at between work hours to stay healthy?

  1. Go to bed early. Don’t stay up late watching netflix. Go to bed by 10 and wake up early so your can go for a walk or make your breakfast and lunch.
  2. Meal prep on weekends. Chop up, cook, and freeze a bunch of meals so that when you get home from work exhausted, all you have to do is pop your food in the oven on saucepan and its r2g!
  3. Make healthy swaps. Swap your favorite treats for healthy alternatives like candy for berries, chips for home made potato slices, white bread for whole wheat, etc.

Having a full time job that keeps you sedentary can make it more difficult to live a fit and healthy lifestyle, but it’s not impossible!

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