The Sugar Experiment


Most of us hear on a fairly regular basis that sugar is bad for us, it can be addictive, and some will even go as far as saying that it is basically poison to our bodies. Basically everyone can agree that sugar isn’t great for us, so we should just eat less of it. But no one really considers actually giving it up. This is probably mostly due to the fact that refined sugar is in so many things, not just in our favorite sweet treats, it is also a very common preservative.

For the longest time I was one of those people who just couldn’t be bothered to give sugar a second thought until about two weeks ago when I ran into a health science prof from my university. She started to tell me how she had just given up refined sugar the week before and how she had gone through withdrawal symptoms for her first few days. That really made me think that “wow this stuff is basically like a drug”. She told me the reason she had decided to go for it was that her parents had dome the same thing a few years earlier and raved about how they just felt so much better.

After having my chat with her I went home and ended up doing some research on it. Most of my findings where basically what you’d expect: can lead to diabetes, weight gain, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, might be linked to Alzheimer and a few types of cancer. I din’t come across anything that made me go “wow! I need to give this stuff up now”. However, what did occur to me was this: I know that refined sugar is not good for my health and I know I never feel awesome after eating some of my favorite treats. So what do I have to lose by giving this stuff up?

Tomorrow marks two weeks since I have not consumed refined sugar. I have read every label for every ingredient. I eat lots of fruit. So far I am feeling fantastic. It’s still too early to tell what kind of health benefits I could (or could not) see from doing this, so my plan is to go another month before I decide if I am willing to commit to a life with no refined sugar.




  1. I also gave up sugar, first week was hard but it has been a month now and I do not miss it. I’ve lost 6 pounds and I have more energy. I actually feel guilty now if I have anything with added sugar. My workouts are also much better.


    • Isn’t it amazing! I’m coming up on six months of taking added and refined sugar out of my diet. I can’t believe how it has changed my daily life. I have so much more energy, I’ve been able to cut back on caffein, I’m more motivated, and much more productive! 🙂


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